ECE 2013 Day One

In the morning we had a nice workshop about the Eclipse E4 platform by Jonas Helming. He explained in details how the new way of implementing RCP application should look like. The concept of dependency injection and application model is really nice, although there is one fatal flaw: this new API can’t be used to develop Eclipse plugins until the Luna distribution will be released. Anyway this was a fine tutorial to understand the basic concepts of E4.

After the workshop and a nice lunch we had the keynote by Bran Fitzpatrick (from Google). He explained how humbleness and generousness can help eliminating the human factor from software engineering. Ok, it is not easy to sum up a keynote within one sentence but I think here “Don’t be a jerk!” can apply.

In the afternoon we took the talk about how can be the development under Eclipse fun again. It was really a mixed bag. The guys showed a lot of bad examples, like the or the lack of the syntax highlight for the unknown java code. On the plus side they proposed a set of preferences and plugins which already make Eclipse better. On top of that a working group was announced to sort out the small but annoying issues from the UI.

The programmers finished with a rather casual meeting with my former supervisor, Istvan Rath. He showed us their new achievement in IncQuery what they are going to show on their presentation on Thursday.

Overall this day was a good start for the conference; I am looking forward for day two.

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And now the two of us promote CERN 🙂