ECE 2013 Day Two & Three

Although I had to leave the conference early I still want to report my personal thoughts on EclipseCon Europe.

Wednesday started with a keynote about Pinterest and with the feeling in my head that the yesterday night lasted a bit longer than it should have been:) After the first keynote this one was a bit humping. It was all about how they implemented a small website and how they tried a bunch of technology to serve more and more people. Would have been nice if we could learn more about a technology than their names.

During a day there were two presentation about Java 8. Wow! Now it looks like Java is back on track! From all the new things I like the lambda expressions the most because it will greatly reduce the verbosity of the code. Also the typed annotations are pretty neat, finally it will be possible to write sophisticated annotation-based libraries. And it is good to know that even though the Java 8 will be released, the JDT integration is feature complete and ready to test. Ultimately a language without an IDE is just a playground for hardcore people.

OK I can’t finish this blog post without mentioning Lars Vogel. I think he was the one who helped me out most often with his tutorials when I had troubles with Eclipse. Even though the topic of how to contribute into Eclipse was easy, it was awesome to see him live.

Bonus: flickr feed from the event: