EclipseCon France 2013 Summary

I had my first conference talk in Toulouse! It was an amazing to go to the stage tell the people what are we doing. Based on the responses, people liked it too! Overall it worthed the effort we invested in the preparations. But taking part was not the only interesting thing:) When I finally left the venue my head was full of ideas. I would like to note them in this post.

We had a nice introduction to JavaFX. Finally, we have nice GUI solution for Java! I do think, that we can replace Swing with JavaFX for most of the times. I would like to investigate a few things. (1) How does JavaFX handle the usecase where no 3D acceleration available in terms of performance? (2) How can we apply JavaFX on different (Linux/Mobile/Mac/Window) platforms? (3) How can utilize JavaFX in RCP applications?

The second interesting thing was the Tycho workshop. I already have a fair knowledge about the tool so there were no big surprises. Tycho is and will be the number one solution for building Eclipse plugins. I had just one complaint. The descriptors are too verbose and there are a lot of multiplied information (plugin id, feature name, version numbers, etc), which may cause some confusion.

Another interesting idea was to use the Rich Client Platform as a foundation for scientific tools. As it turned out there are a whole lot of scientific tools based on RCP. I think we should rethink how we apply Eclipse at CERN to see whether we could benefit from a possible collaboration with others on this topic.

Mylyn Intent is a cool idea of having our documentation synchronized with the code artifacts. I sure would like to use it to see if I put it in my agile toolbox:)

And so we had the EMF presentation. Well, I was impressed. Both the presentation style and the tool was awesome. The presenter showed how to create an entire collaborative model editing application based on EMF and CDO. After finishing this blog post I will fire up an Eclipse and evaluate the session. If you are also interested, you can reach the resources here (title: Now that I’ve Got a Model – Where’s My Application?).

E4 platform. Hmm… Unfortunately the presenter only showed how can we migrate to the E4 platform but he forgot to say why should we. But still the point was taken; this is the new and better way to develop plugins.

And based on my t-shirt I am officially an HR guy now. 🙂